Thursday, May 6, 2010


Underwater photographs can be so amazing. They almost turn into another world where everything is flowing, weightless and wonderful. The bluish hue and the visible coral with the light glittering through the water gives this almost otherworldly beauty. The little girl with the flowing hair and white dress makes the photograph so angelic.


I really love when drawing and illustration is combined with photography. I feel like this is very hard to do well. Both of these illustrations relate well to the photograph that they are in. My favorite is the image with the crows. The girl has this kind of flapper girl headband with gold sequences and huge feather. You would expect a girl like that to have a lot of mascara on, so it makes sense to exaggerate the eyelashes. I love that they exaggerate them so far that they turn into something else… electrical wires with crows on them. So cool.


These model-esque sketches evoke so much energy. It makes me want to try this style of drawing. There are tones of very sketchy different colored lines that make up these images. They look like they were created fast. Like someone just threw the lines down on the page all at once and they just created these amazing drawings. I love that parts of the image are not finished and some sections just fade out. The more detailed sections have more black in them also. This gives great emphasis to the pieces.


I love when photographers photograph impossible moments. This photograph is so unnatural that it makes you cringe. She’s balancing on a chair, that ‘s leaning on one leg, by almost one toe and flipping upside-down! There is no way she could be staying like that in real life, unless she was trying to do a back flip off the top of the chair which wouldn’t be possible in the first place and she would probably break her neck in the next frame. Yikes! It’s amazing that a photograph can give you such a feeling.


I’ve seen these multiple times and they always fascinate me. I love how someone can just make a tree grow out of a book by cutting paper. It must take so much precision in cutting! On the second one it looks as if the tree is in a gallery or some kind of room. Once you look at it for any length of time you realize that this tree is actually cut out of the side of a Happy Meal paper bag! The way that these trees are photographed makes the scenes look believable.


This is a type piece but it is interesting that it is all hand made. These are all about half inch high folded paper. It seems mind boggling to me all of the detail that was created to fill in the letters. There was so much fine tuning work that went into this to make it readable. It is also interesting that the letters warp out into the heart that was created around it.


In this piece, I love the technique used to create the old man. It’s sketchy, gritty, but surprisingly bubbly and full of butterflies. It’s a strange combination but it works wonderfully. This concept is reinforced with the type stating “beard full of butterflies”. The type has been distressed and faded to also help combine the two.